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Class 3

Dear Parents,

We hope you have all had a lovely Summer Holiday.

PE – Mondays and Wednesdays - Please check that all their kit is named and that trainers still fit them. They will need jogger bottoms for outdoor PE.

Spelling and Times Table Homework  - I will not give out homework the first week (more information to follow) other than giving your child a new book to read regularly at home.  During the first week it would be great to get into a routine of daily reading.  They will be given a new Yellow Homework Folder where you will find a Reading Record at the back and a number of reference pages to help with timetables, handwriting etc. All children are required to know their times tables and division facts by the end of Year 4- please help your child know these by heart.


Regular reading, with your child reading to you a number of times during the week is great.  As your child progresses with their reading you may be spending more time discussing the more in-depth aspects of reading and comprehension rather than having to help your child work out individual words. Children who have their books changed for them, will continue to have them changed on Mondays.  Please can you make sure that you tick their reading record when your child needs to change their books, otherwise we will assume that they need to keep the book for longer and will not change it.

Those who change their own books, choosing from the library, have an opportunity to do this every Monday, but they can also change it at other convenient times, they just need to ask. They can choose one or two from the colour band that they have been asked to choose from plus they can also choose a book to read for interest which can be a much easier book to read or a more challenging one which they might like to share with you.

Mrs Robinson will continue to do the main guided reading sessions each week but Mrs Palmer will take groups for additional sessions and (especially for the Y4 children but from time to time with the younger ages) send home a reading comprehension sheet we have started in school to be finished off at home.  Please could you help your child to return these sheets/booklets to their book bags after working on them at home so that they are there for the next session?  Thank you.               

Main Topic - Amazon Rainforest - looking at this amazing area’s plants, animals, people and environmental issues. In science, we will link this to our topic Habitats and later in the term, our science topic will be Sound.

Pencil Cases If your child would like to bring in one pencil case with stationery in they can, but they do not need to.

Drinks Your child will be provided with a cup so they will not need to bring in a drinks bottle.

Other reminders

· please could you check that your child's name is in their clothes, bags and shoes, so any lost items can be returned swiftly to the correct child.

· children not to bring toys or similar into school.

· healthy snacks only at break time, to be kept in their book bags not lunch boxes.

· children to have no more than one key ring on their book bags.

· your child will need to have black pumps to wear indoors in school.


We are looking forward to a successful new year.


If you have any questions, please ask.

Yours sincerely, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Robinson


Rain forest art & craft

Rain forest art & craft 1


Well done to everyone who completed the challenge to read 6 new books, in addition to their school reading books, before the summer. laugh

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