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Hello- all the staff are missing you lots.  Watch out for your new home learning packs in the post.  Stay at home, keep safe (behave well for your parents) and enjoy the learning activities :)

Here are some useful websites which span various aspects of the curriculum that you might wish to try at home.


 PhonicsPlay is a great site which is free to use during school closure period. Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe.


BBC Early Years Resources,1452X,2M51XF,3X05J,1


BBC KS1 Primary Resources,144UA,2M51XF,3WZ0Z,1


BBC KS2 Primary Resources,144FD,2M51XF,3WXAR,1


The Maths Factor - created by Carol Vorderman

This is a great website which is free  during the UK School Closures


  World of Walliams    -  Children can listen to a free audiobook


Starters for STEM are 10 activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. 


Youtube - search

  • P.E with Joe   - These are daily workouts that the whole family can join in
  • Cosmic Kids  - These are Fun Yoga sessions that we use in school which are based on children's stories.  The stories range, so some are more suited to younger children whilst others are more suitable for older children such as Star Wars, & Harry Potter 
  • Myleene  Class Music Lessons - with the help of her children she helps children understand various aspects of music.  You don't need an instrument!


Try the RSPB website.  Whilst some of the activities  for children will not be suitable, there are some which you can do in the home and around your garden


Dear Parents,


We appreciate it will be challenging if you are having to self-isolate and/or work from home with your children there, so have planned (hopefully!) manageable work to take us up to Easter.  The children have been given a ‘Home Learning’ book today to record their work, and they can note in it any online tasks too. Best wishes, Crosscrake Staff.


Online learning for all classes:-

Letter Join – handwriting and spelling tasks.

Home user name – ak03174  password- home

Please note Class 1 YR & Y1, Class 2 Y 2,3,4 & Class 3 Y5 & Y6.


Discovery Education

Maths, English, Science, Topic, videos, educational games, children’s news.

Click on “login” and select “Espresso”

Home user name- student9762                      password- 19CSch*



Maths Tables & Number Facts – practise everyday and get super speedy J


Reading, Maths, games & free e-books.

login in for free as parents to access lots of lovely games to develop high frequency sight words and books.

All curriculum areas

As well as the above online learning, here are some suggestions for each of the classes.

Class 1 (Nursery)

Sing nursery rhymes and share favourite books, play and look outside for signs of Spring. Cbeebies for games and activities.

Class 2 (YR & Y1)

Teach your monster to read (app)

Learn high frequency sight words- available online.

Practise phonic phases 3 (YR) & 5(Y1).

Top Marks website games

Find out about & record in your ‘Home Learning’ book ‘signs of Spring.’

Class 3

Research (find out about) & record in your ‘Home Learning’ book about Magnets, the impact of Ancient Greece on the UK today or a personal topic of interest.

Class 4

Research & record in your ‘Home Learning’ book about Materials & their Properties, Mountains of the British Isles or a personal topic of interest.

Class 4 children can also log in to IDL to complete Numeracy activities.

Their ‘white’ books & 10 min homework books will also be sent home.

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