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There are lots of ideas and activities here, but for specific learning for your child's class, please see refer to Google Classroom and your child's Class Page on this website.

Daily Online Lessons 
Reading & Writing  Section
Oak Academy Virtual School Library
Reading Comprehensions - see Class 3 & 4 page  

Primary Homework Help - Interactive English Games and Activities - see link below

There  are so many activities here that will help with many aspects of literacy - spelling, punctuation, grammar, text types

Like making Puzzles? Crosswords, word searches, number squares - see link below

KS2 - Try RadioBlogging - unfortunately they are not able to broadcast new live shows anymore but you can listen to and have a go at the great broadcasts they have done previously. - see link below

'Lost Words' by Rob MacFarlane

Letter Join – Handwriting and Spelling tasks - see link below

Home user name – ak03174  password- home

Please note Class 1 YR & Y1, Class 2 Y 2,3,4 & Class 3 Y5 & Y6

Reading Challenges - Use these with your own books from home or using or cumbria library service (free ebooks for all primary ages)

 World of Walliams    -  Children can listen to a free audiobook

The Poems are back!

To  watch the ones put on last year, go to the Class pages.

Only Snow by Allen Ahlberg

Still image for this video

Home Aroma by Kate Williams

Still image for this video

Topmarks Online Maths Resources, Games etc - Hundreds of resources  

Maths Salamander - Hundreds of Worksheets to print off

These are free - you do not need to click on the XL section

If you are using a phone, keep scrolling down to the 'Maths Sheets By Topic' then select the area of Maths that you want to work on.

On Desktop/laptop, scroll down to see headings/tabs in yellow on the left-hand side and choose an area of Maths that you want to work on. 

Science Section

Crash Course Kids - YouTube videos on a range of subjects but particularly focusing on science and engineering based topics for primary age children. see link below

Eat Farm Now -Lockdown Learning - This website is a resource which links the food on our plate to farming, produced in collaboration with NFU and eatfarmnow. Videos are frequently added. There are a couple of videos from Mrs Robinson's farm!

Art & Design Technology Ideas

Do the 5 Minute Lego Challenge with Your Kids :: JR

Do the 5 Minute Lego Challenge with Your Kids :: JRBuild with Us!!Take the 5-Minute Lego Challenge - See what you can build in 5 minutes with a random select...

Finger Knitting Tutorial, Waldorf Crafts

How to finger knit two ways! Today I am showing you how to make a loop to start your knitting AND to finger knit two different ways. This is the peeerfect ac...

2 Finger Finger Knitting How To

Finger Knitting is a great way to get started on crafts such as Knitting and Crochet. You can finger knit with 2, 3 or 4 fingers, depending on the effect you...

How to Finger Knit a Snake DIY - Finger Knitting Projects - No Sew

How to Finger Knit a Snake DIY - Finger Knitting Projects - No Sew. Learn how to increase and decrease stitches when finger knitting and use this technique t...

A Back-and-Forth Drawing Game for Kids

This can be done by Nursery children up to Y6 children.

Drawing Game: The Squiggle - Reception to Y6

Great simple game where you can either take it in turns to draw a squiggle or you could give your child a page of squiggles for them to complete using their imagination.

Paper Craft ideas for Kids - 7 simple crafts for kids

We love easy paper craft ideas for kids! Nothing beats crafting with a frugal material and we can all agree paper craft fits the description. And there are s...


An idea I thought you might like -

Sports Day Events to do at Home

As in School, I want you to keep beating your personal best at the following events.  Please adapt to your situation. It would be great if you could record your times/distances in your Home Learning Exercise book, but don't worry if you don't, just enjoy the challenge.


1. Standing Jump master the technique to improve

2. Sprint or shuttle sprint (measure a distance and do this distance each time, and try to get faster)

3. Long Distance (maybe 10 laps around the garden or if you have a huge garden 2 laps- use your own judgement but keep to that distance each time. Time yourself and keep trying to beat your PB.

4. Throw (Use the same ball each time.  If you have a small garden you could throw something light like a sponge or a table tennis ball rather than a tennis ball which might end up in your neighbours garden!

Youtube - search

  • P.E with Joe   - These are daily workouts that the whole family can join in
  • Cosmic Kids  - These are Fun Yoga sessions that we use in school which are based on children's stories.  The stories range, so some are more suited to younger children whilst others are more suitable for older children such as Star Wars, & Harry Potter 
Health and Wellbeing

Ruby's Worry

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

A Tale Of Two Beasts | Story Time (2018) | Moral - Empathy

A Tale Of Two Beasts | Story Time (2018) | Moral - Empathy Hey Guys!👋 Today I'll be reading to you a story that teaches us the exact meaning of Empathy! Empa...

Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter

What exactly is kindness? What is it to be kind? Is it being helpful? Being polite? Does it have to be a big act to be more kind? Well maybe the smallest act...

Bible Stories

Discovery Education - Maths, English, Science, Topic, videos, educational games, children’s news.

See link below - Click on “login” and select “Espresso”

Home user name- student9762    

password- 19CSch*

Some useful links you might want to try

Here are some useful websites which span various aspects of the curriculum that you might wish to try at home.


 PhonicsPlay is a great site which is free to use during school closure period. Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe.


BBC Early Years Resources,1452X,2M51XF,3X05J,1


BBC KS1 Primary Resources,144UA,2M51XF,3WZ0Z,1


BBC KS2 Primary Resources,144FD,2M51XF,3WXAR,1


The Maths Factor - created by Carol Vorderman

This is a great website which has been free during school closures but I think they now charge but half the usual subscription cost.


Starters for STEM are 10 activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. 


Youtube - search 

  • Myleene  Class Music Lessons - with the help of her children she helps children understand various aspects of music.  You don't need an instrument!


Try the RSPB website.  Whilst some of the activities  for children will not be suitable, there are some which you can do in the home and around your garden

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