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Class 3 Letters

Class 3 Spring class letter

Welcome to Class 3!


Class 3 Parent Letter    7th September 2022








Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson

Mr Cunningham

Mr Cunningham

Mr Cunningham


Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson Mrs Fletcher

Mr Cunningham

Mr Cunningham

Mr Cunningham


Dear Parents,

We are happy to be welcoming all the Year 3s and 4s back into school this week. We are looking forward to helping children settle quickly at the start of the new school year in Class 3.

Our Topics – Stone Age to Iron Age (History, first half term), Land Use (Geography, second half term)


In Science, we will be learning about Rocks during the first half term and & Sound later in the term.


In Computing, we will be starting by thinking about Online Safety. We will emphasise the benefits of digital technology and the internet, but we will also consider some of the risks and how we can keep ourselves and others safe online.


PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This year, we ask that children come to school wearing their PE kit on these days. Children will wear their PE kit for the whole day, allowing them to make the most of their time in PE lessons, rather than needing to get changed before and after. Please can you ensure that your child’s PE kit still fits and is labelled.

To check what you need see

Homework – This will be kept in your child's Yellow Homework Folder but there are also some helpful advice & activities on Google Classroom.

Spelling Homework will be given out weekly starting a week or two into the new term.  The day when they will be checked in school will be on the sheet they are given.  I will be giving your child a new dictation sheet which will be in their Yellow Homework Folder soon and also on Google Classroom. The weekly spellings will also be put on Google Classroom each week, so if your child was absent, you are not sure if they were given the correct sheet, or they can't find their sheet, please check on Google Classroom.

Please remember to do the spelling homework with your child to check that they are doing their best handwriting and to check regularly through the week how they are getting on with learning the words, so you can concentrate on the ones they are really struggling with.

Maths Homework – Please continue with


National Curriculum Expectations for Year Groups

Y3 children – x2, x5, x10, x3, x4, x8 & the inverse (÷) in random order up to x12. Answering rapidly without having to work them out


Y4 children – All times tables up to x12, answering rapidly without having to work them out.

All Y4s throughout the country will be tested on times tables, this academic year. This will be done online. One of the major issues is speed. They are given a maximum of 6 seconds to read the question, think of the answer and type in the number in the computer. So if your child is using their fingers to work out answers or generally the answer doesn't come into their head almost straight away, they will not be able to input the answer in time.


Children will be given a new book the first Monday/Tuesday of the new school year.  It is important that you try to get into a good routine straight away. All children need regular home reading, even if they are good readers. As they become more competent they will come across more complex language and content which will need discussing a parent to help comprehension.

There is advice in your child's Yellow Homework Folder, which will be given out the first Monday of term.


Those who have their books changed for them, will continue to have them changed on Mondays.  Please can you make sure that you tick their reading record when your child needs to change their books, otherwise we will assume that they need to keep the book for longer and will not change it.


Those who change their own books, choosing from the library, have an opportunity to do this every Monday, but they can also change it at other convenient times, they just need to ask. They can choose one or two from the colour band that they have been asked to choose from plus they can also choose a book to read for interest which can be a much easier book to read or a more challenging one which they might like to share with you.


Other reminders:

  • Please could you check that your child's name is in their clothes, bags and shoes, so any lost items can be returned swiftly to the correct child. We find that simply writing in biro on the label works well and just needs going over occasionally.
  • No pencil cases please.
  • Please provide your child with a healthy snack for break time.
  • Children are not to bring toys or similar into school.
  • Please keep Yellow Homework Folder in book bag and make sure book bag is in school every day.
  • Your child will need to have named black pumps/indoor shoes to wear in school.
  • Some children have a habit of overloading their book bags with keyrings, making them so bulky. Max. of 1 keyring please!


If you have any questions, please ask.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Cunningham and Mrs Robinson


In Class 3,   homework usually comprises of:

Reading- a  new book will be given during the first week back.  See homework Folder for advice 

Times tables-  checked on a  weekly

Spelling - checked on a  weekly  with weekly dictations. Explanation of dictation is on this page and  also in your child's Yellow Homework Folder.

Please see  Homework & Extra Learning Activities Page

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